YouBar. Imagine Better Food.

YouBar is the complete solution for developing, launching and growing nutrition bar businesses of every size.  

  • We work with our clients to create ready-for-market nutrition bar formulas that meet the needs of a range of dietary and nutritional requirements.

  • Our team of in-house graphic designers and FDA compliance experts collaborate with our clients to create beautiful packaging that exemplifies our clients' brands.

  • Our on-site manufacturing facility, storage warehouse and full service drop ship fulfillment center enable our clients to sell bars while we do all the ‘heavy lifting’ – from bar production and storage to direct shipping to our clients’ customers’ doorsteps.



Custom Recipe Development

Our team of recipe development specialists will ensure your customers get exactly the nutrition and taste you want to offer.

Launch a New Brand

We can incorporate any logos or images you would like to use, or help you create a new images and logos for new brands

One Stop Shop

Want to launch a new brand of protein bars? We handle everything -- from formula creation to manufacturing to shipping your bars directly to your clients!

Consulting and Marketing

Business cards, brochures, website design, Shopify pages, and a branded social media presence.



              Whole Food Bars

We can work with you to create and manufacture whole food nutrition bars that will offer your customers high-quality nutrition directly from real food. These bars typically blend real, pure fruit with delicious whole nuts and nut butters. From there, the possibilities – care of Mother Nature -- are endless!                      




Protein Bars

We manufacture the protein bar brands of many of America’s most popular gyms and celebrity dieticians and nutritionists. If you want to launch your own protein bar brand, and are interested in packing 20+ grams of protein into every bar, we can do it!