YouBar Lets Kids Build Their Own Protein Bars!

Kids these days have tons of options for good on-the-go snack bars -- but many are filled with artificial flavors and other processed junk. For the most exciting solution to this problem, look no further than YouBar! This exciting LA-based nutrition bar company allows kids to create their very own protein bars online at, and then YouBars’ awesome bar chefs (who YouBar cleverly calls ‘BAR-istas!’) will whip up a batch of your child’s custom bars in custom packages that your child can name themselves, and ship it straight to your doorstep.

The process is fun and interactive, and particularly well-suited to kids with a penchant for healthy treats. During a 7-step process, kids choose everything from the type of protein they want in the bar (ie; grass fed whey or vegan pea protein) to the flavor of the bar (chocolate, berry, apple cinnamon, etc!). At the end, kids name their own bar however they’d like. Because the choosing process is curated, it’s impossible to make a bar that doesn’t taste amazing.

Better still, there’s a nutrition fact panel on the right side of the screen that updates in real time as kids choose their own ingredients (ie; agave sends the sugar content up, while grass fed whey protein can make the protein level hit up to 20 grams!). This provides an incredible opportunity for parents to start talking to their kids about how to read nutrition fact panels on store-bought foods and what to look for when making healthy choices.

Within one week, your child will have a fresh box (12 bars per box) of their own-designed custom bars delivered straight to your doorstep. They’re perfect for sharing -- or devouring! Cost: $2.99 per bar. Min order of 12 bars.)

By Riley Vencatachellum
December 28, 2016 by Emily Vencat