Bringing THREE Externally Developed Bar Formulas In-House

This development package is ideal for any entrepreneur/company that has already worked to develop their own brand of nutrition bars, and already has original recipes and brand concepts, but would like to move their bar production into our facility. This is often helpful for companies looking to 'scale up' and begin selling their bars online and in large retail stores. It is also the correct option for any company that is simply looking to change from their existing manufacturer/co-packer. This price includes the full process for bringing one custom recipe (for one flavor) in-house, including in-house formula testing nad analysis (details below), and full FDA compliance review (and revisions) for all custom packaging.

First, you'll work with our R&D team to make any necessary alterations to your bar formulas in order to ensure that it will in our facility. This often involves some recipe reformulation in order to make it possible for your bars to run on our large scale equipment.

You will receive up to 3 boxes of prototype bars of each formula (ie; 9 boxes total) to arrive at your perfect formula (there are always some changes when moving from one facility to another). Every prototype comes with a complete database nutritional analysis, organoleptic testing and water activity testing to ensure a stable shelf life. Please note that we exclusively utilize extrusion bar-making processes in our facility and never use any heat or refrigeration treatments during production.

Then, after your professional formulation is complete, you'll work with our FDA compliance team to finalize your customized packaging for your bars and display boxes to ensure adherence to food regulations.

*Please note that this price includes three hours of work from our FDA compliance team and up to three rounds of prototype boxes of bars per formula made in our innovation kitchen, and that no refunds are available after work begins. Additional hours of design work are always available on an hourly basis, and additional prototype boxes of bars are available for $85 each. In addition, this price includes utilizing any ingredients on our master ingredient list. A fee applies for us to source ingredients not on this list. All bars we produce are covered by our product liability insurance.

$ 7,500.00