Doni Wilson Special Ingredient Sourcing and Integration Fee

This is the invoice for Doni Wilson to pay for YouBar to source three ingredients for use in Dr. Wilson's bars:

1. Organic pea protein -- $250 (usually $500)

This price covers the fee for our robust FDA compliance checks to be performed on bringing new ingredients into our kitchen (GRAS status, spec sheet, C of A, etc). As soon as we've sourced the ingredient for you then it will be available for you to use in any of your future bars and/or bar recipes at any time with no charge again, except to pay for the ingredient itself (not included in the sourcing fee). Increased minimum orders may apply to product with special ingredients due to minimum orders required by the ingredient supplier.  The sourcing fee is a single time charge, and will never re-occur (unless the supplier stops supplying the ingredient -- which is very rare).


$250 x 1 ingredient = $250


$ 250.00