Professional Video of your Custom Bar Production

With this item, YouBar's graphic design team will create a beautiful 45-60 second video showing your custom bar production. This video is ideal for your website, marketing material, investment pitches, and more. These seven items will be shown in your custom video:

  1. Your bar batter being mixed in the professional YouBar manufacturing facility
  2. Your bar batter being poured into the leading-edge extrusion machine
  3. Your batter being extruded and flying down the line as individual bars
  4. Your bars being individually wrapped by the flow-wrapper
  5. Your wrapped bars being professionally boxed
  6. Your boxed bars being professionally palletized
  7. A final product shot of your bars in their finished boxes and wrappers with 'fade-out' and any text you would like to include

Please note: you can add additional flavors – only shown in the final product shot – for $300 each.


$ 1,735.00