Media Pack Bars for Nourish + Bloom with white packages and printed labels

This is an online invoice for the following:

YouBar will produce a total of 5 boxes of bars (12 bars per box) for each of Nourish+Bloom's four new flavors of bars for N+B's Media Packs with white packages and printed labels.

Number of bars = 20 boxes (5 per flavor) x 12 bars per box = 240 bars

Cost of bars = $2.99 per bar x 240 bars = $717.60

Total cost of wrappers, labels and boxes = Free

Shipping of the 20 boxes of bars via Fed Ex 2-day Express to a single location in Idaho = $119.00

TOTAL = $836.60

Please note that, as discussed, these bars will be produced on our small scale equipment due to the fact that this order is not large enough to be made on large scale equipment (min of 500 per flavor for large scale production). This means that less pressure is applied to bars during production. Details of this were explained by phone. If N+B has any concerns about this, it is N + B's responsibility to let YouBar know prior to production. Payment must be received by 5pm PST on 11/4/16 to ensure shipment goes out on 11/7/16.

$ 836.60