Online Invoice for NeoCell Full Custom Collagen Bar Development

This is the Online Invoice for YouBar to develop THREE FLAVORS of custom Collagen Bar for NeoCell using Neocell's own collagen.

It covers the cost of NeoCell working with YouBar's food scientist-led R&D team to create three unique flavors.

The flavors and development costs:

1. Chocolate Almond - $975

2. Cashew Quinoa Cherry - $975

3. "Fun flavor!" (either 'Old Fashioned Donut' or 'Sugar Cookie') -- we will provide this FREE of charge.


1. At least 6 grams of collagen-derived protein (total protein will be roughly 10 grams, including protein from nuts)

2. No more than 220 calories (ideally under 200)

3. Very low sugar (2-3 grams)

4. Sweetened with a combo of stevia and erythritol

5. Include MCT oil

6. Gluten Free

7. Non GMO

    This price includes 1 box of prototype bars per flavor. We will perform an FDA-compliant nutritional analysis, a water activity test and organoleptic testing on every prototype box. Additional prototype boxes are always available for $85 each.

    *This full price will be credited to NeoCell's account when the company has purchased 50,000 bars in total from YouBar.

    $ 1,950.00