POS Display Box Test for Non Pre-Approved Display Box Printing Materials

This item is exclusively for YouBar Wholesale Clients who wish to order their bar POS Display Boxes from a non-approved 3rd party printer. This cost covers the full review by YouBar's QA Team, and the necessary FDA compliance paperwork required in order to introduce this new material into our facility. In addition to that, it covers the cost of us running the material through our automated equipment line to ensure that it doesn't jam the machines.

What we require from you to do this: 

  • 25-75 BLANK, un-printed CAD samples to perform the test in order to assess success rate of the design's perforations, scores, folds, and run rate. 
Lead times for display box tests are subject to equipment availability -- but standard time is 2-3 weeks from the materials are delivered to YouBar.  Testing fee is non-refundable regardless of outcome. This fee does not guarantee a positive result.

$ 850.00