Professional Brand Style Guide

With this item, you’ll receive a Professionally Designed 15-20 Page Brand Style Guide -- ideal for giving to your company's potential investors, retail partners, press contacts and brand promoters. Your business’ brand guide will be created to include everything in the bullet-pointed list below. (Please note that it will be the client's responsibility to provide the company logo, writing of the About Us page, the Mission Statement, the target market, the brand's 'key words,' and relevant photographs / graphic images.)

  • A Cover Page featuring the company Logo
  • Custom-Written 2 paragraph Introduction to your business
  • An 'About Us' page
  • A Mission Statement
  • Three key words graphically laid out -- embodying your brand's values and three key words exemplifying your brand's personality (also known as ‘brand identifiers’)
  • Brand Color Palette – what is the scheme / key colors
  • Brand Signature or Tagline
  • A description of your brand’s target market and ideal client
  • A summary of your online strategy to answer the question: “Who is your brand online?” – including details of which social media platforms you are targeting (ie; Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, etc).
  • A custom-written one paragraph summary of the Tone and Voice of your brand, including a full list of your brand’s key words (important for brand image and search engine optimization).
  • A list of the five top retail stores (both brick-and-mortar and online) that would be ideal for selling your product, and the reasons these would be perfect
  • Photographs and Graphic Images throughout to exemplify and give the ‘feel’ of your brand.
  • A graphics-driven Conclusion page, re-emphasizing the brand’s key SEO words.

The below price is for the delivered PDF version of the brand style guide. We are able to advise on good partners for printing if desired. Client must be available to answer key brand questions when necessary.

$ 2,500.00