Prototype Test Run (good for shelf life testing, focus group analysis) with 160 Prototype Bars

IMPORTANT NOTE: This item is only available to wholesale clients that have already done full R&D with YouBar ($1,950) and have completed a successful express efficiency test run ($500). 

This large scale test run is perfect for any company that has completed development and innovation with YouBar and now needs a small number of bars for formal shelf life testing or focus group bar tasting.

Please note that if there are any special ingredients in your recipe then you will be responsible to provide these to us at no cost to us due to the fact that this order quantity falls below standard ingredient supplier MOQs.

*Please note that this price does NOT include bar packages or POS boxes. In order to determine the pricing for those aspects, please email Joel Lipman at Please note that this is only available if we have already performed a successful 'efficiency test' on this recipe. This price does not include the price of shipping these bars, although our team can arrange that for standard pricing. Lede time on this is typically 4-8 weeks. Finally, whenever we do production there can be an over-production or under-production of up to 20 percent. If there is under-production, your account will be credited accordingly.

$ 1,650.00