Re-Activation of a Formula in Development with No Activity for 6 Months+

This item is exclusively for our clients who are currently working on developing a formula for custom protein bars with us, but have had no activity on their account for 6 months or more. It is the cost to re-activate the recipe vis-à-vis FDA compliance rules and regulations when this amount of time has lapsed.

As a company, we are subject to FDA compliance rules, which are ever-evolving and so we cannot keep formulas that are in development "live" for more than 6 months from last contact point from client.

This price includes the requisite full new organoleptic analysis, water activity level testing and full nutritional database analysis for up-to-date labelling, and one complete additional box of sample test bars from our innovation kitchen. This price also includes the requisite new FDA compliance review on packaging. 

Please note: if YouBar's innovation team believes this recipe will need to undergo new express efficiency testing, then the cost to perform this efficiency testing will be an additional $500, and will not be optional if it is considered necessary. 

$ 650.00