Two new flavors: R&D Invoice for Lithic Cricket Protein Bars

This price includes full R&D for bringing two of Lithic's current protein bars in-house, and revising the recipes to increase shelf life to 6 months and provide options for reducing sugar dramatically (if desired). This price also includes up to 3 boxes of prototype bars per flavor, and full nutritional database analysis and standard in-house testing for each box.

*Please note that this price also includes one hour of work from our FDA compliance-trained design team to finalize professional packaging, and up to three rounds of prototype boxes of bars, and that no refunds are available after work begins. Additional hours of design work are always available on an hourly basis, and additional prototype boxes of bars are available for $85 each. In addition, this price includes utilizing any ingredients on our master ingredient list. A fee applies for us to source ingredients not on this list.  As we already have your cricket protein due to your first flavor, then (of course) no fee will apply for your cricket protein. If applicable, details of this process are here.

All bars we produce are covered by our product liability insurance.

$ 1,800.00