Next Business Day Production and Overnight Delivery

With this, your order will be produced the following business day and then be shipped overnight.

$ 100.00

Next Business Day Production and Two-Day Delivery

With this, your order will be produced the following business day and then be shipped in 2 days.

$ 50.00

Overnight Delivery for Prototype Bars

Want your sample bars ASAP? No problem -- this will upgrade your shipping (for up to 2 boxes of custom bars) to OVERNIGHT.

$ 35.00

Two-Day Delivery for Sample Bars

Want your sample bars the day after tomorrow? No problem -- as long as you let us know before 1pm PST, we'll ship the box to you by 2-day delivery so you'll be tasting them in just 2 days!

$ 30.00

Shipping Test Bars to 2 Locations

This item is exclusively available for clients currently going through the custom recipe development process. If you would like to have half of your box of test bars (6) sent to one location, and the other half sent to a separate location, this is the small extra shipping charge.

$ 11.99

YouBar Drop Ship Fulfillment Connection and Set-Up

With this item, our web development team will connect YouBar's shipping department with the backend of your own business' website. This allows all the orders you receive from your customers to come straight through to our kitchen, so that we can provide you with full service drop-ship fulfillment.

In order to take advantage of this, your website must be compatible with the software we utilize for this functionality, which is ShipStation. For a list of platforms that can integrate with it please see this list of Compatible Partners. The majority (but not all) of our clients build their websites using Shopify.

Any platforms that are not listed on the above link will either require your web programmer to design a custom integration with our software, which is quite expensive and generally requires upkeep from the programmer, or you will have to manually email us every order in CSV format, which is very time consuming.

*Please note: This process will take 1-5 business days to implement.


$ 149.00

Shipping Innvoation Kitchen Prototype Samples Overseas

YouBar does not offer international shipping as standard. However, we can utilize FedEx International Economy exclusively for prototype bars from our innovation kitchen as long as the client pays for this process through this link. This delivery service comes with a 6-8 day transit time (not including the time to produce the prototypes in the kitchen), and is only available for bars that are not for re-sale. This cost is for shipping one box. 


$ 68.00