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YouBar was launched in 2006 after co-founders, Ava Bise and Anthony Flynn, began creating custom protein bars at home to meet their own nutritional ideals. Since then, YouBar has been recognized by hundreds of media outlets, including The New York Times, ABC News, Good Morning America and The Today Show.

LOS ANGELES, California. (Oct 2018). YouBar is one of the "Key Players” in the “huge growth [of the] nutrition bar market,” finds leading global market research firm, HTF Intelligence in a major new market research report released in September 2018.

In the REPORT, HTF Intelligence classes YouBar alongside Hearthside Food Solutions, Pure Organic, ThinkThin, Clif Bar & Company, & Powerbar, as one of the “key players [that is] highly focusing [on] innovation in production technologies to improve efficiency.” The report, which is available through HTF Intelligence, discusses all aspects of the booming protein bar market, including:

  • The long term market outlook to 2025
  • The global protein bar market size, industry status and forecast
  • The bar competition landscape and growth opportunities 


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Food Navigator says YouBar is: "Not just a flexible co-manufacturer. It's a partner, product developer, designer, marketer, branding expert and online retail expert all rolled into one."  

Read the whole article here: https://www.foodnavigator-usa.com/Article/2015/10/28/One-size-fits-all-CPG-products-are-so-last-century-says-YouBar